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Cant download the demo. It gives me an error.


Hello !

If you can't download it here, you can download it on gamejolt here :

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Looove the beginning of the game and the sound design is on point.  Only downside I would say is that the teaser doesn't reveal much apart from the gameplay/atmosphere.  Story-wise there isn't much.  I'll still be waiting for the full game I think this has potential!

First off, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for Ngames pointing me towards this new teaser, because it managed to completely pass me by!

Alright, let's get into this teaser shall we? The atmosphere maintains all of the aspects that made the original 2 chapters so hauntingly creepy, but somehow this new take on the story seems to be even more tense and left me even more on edge.

Being led down twisting and turning hallways with doors opening and closing unexpectedly, forever feeling like you're being stalked... this really does take you on an emotional journey and leaves you wondering just what the heck is happening!

There is so much to this story, and I can't wait to really get stuck into it and see the whole thing! =)

Very nice Teaser ^^ :) 

hey! I made a video & featured this in my three scary games montage. I hope you like it. I would like to see more lore built into the game. I also feel the walking pace needs to increase slightly as it could feel quite slow in some places. Just some feedback. Overall not bad though & certainly worth playing. 

This game made me "PARANOID" ... I'll jump off a bridge now 


So, first of all - this is not an uninteresting game. There are some eerie moments, and the idea of starting out because you react to the crying and implied abuse is a fine enough motivation. And especially the ending has a very striking visual that I really like.

However, you may want to either rework things or rethink calling your demos a "Playable Teaser". Regardless of how good the game is, you do little other than set yourself up for unfavorable comparisons, which is not fair to your own work. At least, these are my personal thoughts on the PT-style games. And I have to join the choir on the slow walking speed - it's more irritating than creepy.

I repeat, this is not bad at all, there's very solid work here, but this teaser tells me nothing about your game, what to expect from it or how it differs from anything else. 

I was so not expecting the end... Because my mind was somewhere else and then BAM!! Just jumped ffs xD waiting for the complete version!

🎀 YO WTF? | Paranoid Playable Teaser Full Gameplay

Why did i agree to this.  Never played a scary game like this and i felt it. Like. Hard.

Oh my goat that was epic!

This game scared the shit out of my, and I really loved it! 

Keep up the good work!

I recorded the game btw: 

This was sooo good. I had a lot of fun and can't wait for the full version!!


SKIP TO 5:26!!!

Hello! Loved your game =) super clean looking and had a good vibe! Hope my playthrough does your game justice. 

I played this a while back, loving the new version 

good game start 8:07

I like the idea and where it is going, however nobody has ever walked that slow.. Especially when theres spoopy stuff happening or someone is in trouble lol. Got me a couple times though!

This game is certainly unique and gives off some good jumpscares,i played this game before the teaser and out of the two i preferred the earlier version, the new teaser felt very cumbersome and your character felt slow and made things less climactic and there was a great deal less to interact with and explore, the previous version although slightly clunky with the ending was great to play and you could move faster and it gave more story and insight into the game and makes you compelled to know more.

If the final product includes all the gameplay from the previous version before the teaser it will be a solid game, i am sorry to say this teaser does not really do as much justice as the previous one.

This game caught me a few times!!! Definitely scary and cant wait for the full release. Great job!!! 

Excellent teaser ! 

Great game :) Some spelling errors that maybe need correcting but other than that it hit all the right notes for me.

Some one pls help i am new to this and don't know how to get these games!!!


are you 5?

Played the original and was happy to play the remake! Nice job!

This was incredible! I haven't screamed this loud in a very long time. I was expecting this to be very similar to the first demo I played, was pleasantly surprised to see it was totally different and much scarier! Here's my playthrough:

Fun little game! Looking forward to the full release in 2021!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)



Neat experience.

Welcome to Paranoid, the Playable Teaser. See the title. Playable Teaser..."PT". Yup. We're back. Paranoid is a TERRIFYING romp through an apartment building trying to help a woman in danger. What dangers await us? LOTS! LOTS AND LOTS OF DANGER! 

This was an amazing experience. Right from the begining I felt a sense of dread. The game is spooky beyond this PT and I'm glad to have played it. I'll be waiting for the full the release. #Paranoid2021

I haven't played it but it looks scary sooooo

i had a blast playing the game, i was not expecting the jumpscares to be honest haha they got me pretty good . i also got a little P.T. vibes any inspiration by any chance?, the game was really fun. i hope we can see the game expand a little more and get a more story and more out of it. keep up the great work amigos :D i did a playthrough if you could please check it out and let me know what you think of it. thank you :D

Pretty creepy, a bit confusing until you realize how much back and forth you need to do, but overall a good experience.

Had my heart beating extra hard but moving around still needs a bit of work, had trouble turning properly. Has the potential to be an amazing game!

I love what its going for, keep up the great work!

Cool Demo!

this game made my giblets hurt 

A nice demo. Had a slight P.T  aspect to it.

Excellent start! Loved the atmosphere.   I think some of the textures could use some work (particularly the walls) You should check out Quixel since they were acquired by Unreal

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