A downloadable PARANOID for Windows

Welcome to "PARANOID", a horrific thriller video game made by Ngames Studios Entertainment, a french team of indie creators on internet.

Enter in a psychological nightmare from the past. Run and Hide from your fears. The only way to know the mistakes are behind you.

You are Michael, you go home thinking that you will be safe in your little house. But sometimes, the mistakes of the past come back to have your attention. Do not trust them. Escape as far as you can.

And hide to escape this terrible nightmare. And you think you are alone. You are not alone. He's coming, and it's for you.


Director / Main Dev creator : Nadal 
Animations : Marty 
Sound Design : Apollo Legacy
3D Models : Fazergamer / Prototyp2
Translation : Jeremy Wayne



paranoid-v.0.1.4.zip 766 MB

Development log


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We're going to play it on our YouTube channel and we can't wait until we can play more of this!

Muye buen 
Muy buen juego se que le gustara a todos mis subs y seguidores, espero la segunda parte...

Chapter one was really fun. Waiting for the next chapter !!!

Made a video about your game. Loved what you've got going here and i'm excited for chapter 2. had some frame rate issues but nothing terrible. Fell through the world at the 5:20 point. not sure if that was intended 

I hope you enjoy the video!
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What can i say about PARANOID Chapter One: HOME

Lets start of with good things


-I like the style of the game

-I like the whole Black and White thing

And now with bad one


-The lightning is kinda bad

-Confusing story (hey but this is still chapter one)

-Another jumscare thing (which got me only twice)

-Too short (16 minutes)

-Voice acting was kinda weird

So devs if you are reading this, this is what you should add:

-Options menu with(resolution option,graphical option,mouse sensitivity,inverted mouse Y etc...)

-An element of danger.Don't be another Jumpscare simulator,please

-Better Lightning

My verdict for PARANOID Chapter ONE:HOME is


Thank you for your feedback.


This is was so much fun. I'm so intrigued. Tragically got lost in the black and white maze. I love that style.   Can't wait for chapter 2. 

Hey there. So, I am not sure if you have seen me around before because I have played this game before and I am pretty sure I shared that video on GameJolt. Well, since it's now on Itch.io, I thought I'd give the game another go and turns out.... it was quite the experience I wasn't expecting lol! I certainly enjoyed it and can't wait for the 2nd chapter!!

Ngames! This video is for you! I hope u love it as much as i loved making it


HEY GUYS GREAT GAME really love the whole game play eagerly waiting for next chapter just one thing a little bit of context would be fantastics in the chapter as jumping right into it leaves me puzzles made a gameplay hope you guys like it and also left the support link in the description hope that helps 

Is there  a release date for chapter two yet?

Sorry but not for now. We are still in development on this chapter.
-Ngames's team

That's fine. I'm just happy your continuing to work on the game as I really liked the first chapter.


Really cool and creepy game! I'm really diggin' the black and white areas of the game!


Yo, I just included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! Hope ya enjoy!

Skip to 8:50 to see when I play your game!

Dude, i really like your game . But i dont really understand what this all about...

Just i am an idiot or you made like this?

Playing your game RIGHT NOW on my Twitch channel! Come see my reactions! :) https://www.twitch.tv/pogesque

That trailer took forever... 😑 

Amazing. Can not wait for more. 

It's really creepy.  Holy shit :P It's awiously nightmare! I hope will be continued.

Played your game for my new video, really enjoyed it and will for sure do another video eventually, this game starts at 7:19 

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Yo, this game made me want to post more horror games on my channel! Thanks for the inspiration and loved the game! Check out my playthough, looking forward to later chapters later down the road


Hey there, I recently played through PARANOID, and figured I’d share some thoughts about the game here. With these little reviews I try to go over some of the things I liked, didn’t like, and any bugs I might have come across.

I’ll start off with what I liked. The overall aesthetic of the game is really nice, it makes excellent use of various distortion effects that really help to underline that something bad is going on, and put the player on edge. The reflections and lighting used in the latter half of the game were insane, and it created this weird but interesting atmosphere I haven’t really seen attempted before, at least not to this extent. Another thing that really jumped out to me was how good the sound design was, the music and effects used were good, but the real standout was with the voice acting and the production that went into it, it’s really hard to create a convincing demonic voice without also creating a lot of noise/distortion, but in this instance it was excellently produced, and the voice acting used by the one character later in the game was clear, loud, and expressive. So overall, I was quite impressed by the aesthetic and sound design of the game.

Next, I’ll go over some things I didn’t quite like. There were a few textures in the game that appeared really sloppy, or stretched out, particularly the texture used on the floor of the apartment. A very minor gripe to say the least, but still something that stood out to me as an issue. One other area I wasn’t too sure on was with the plot, while I don’t mind when a game has the player try and interpret things themselves, I do like a bit of direction, now I understand that this is just the first act in what could be a fairly lengthy series of games, so I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, and hope that things get worked out later.

Unfortunately, I ran into a couple of bugs while playing. The first is when I attempted to walk back into the apartment after roaming around the hallways for a bit, I ended up falling below the map and was forced to restart the game. The second bug appeared in the latter half of the game, where it seems some of the reflections disappear, leaving a black space, I think some others in the comments here have pointed this one out as well, it makes it a little hard to see at times.

Overall this was a solid effort, and a fairly well put together horror game. The aesthetic and sound design are way above what I’d consider to be the average, with only a few hiccups here and there with the texture work and plot.

Cheers, and best wishes,



Fun little game! 

If you liked what you saw consider checking out my channel!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

first I thought this is basic horror house experience, but I was quite surprised that it wasn't! I went to the deepest place which could be my head. I really enjoyed game mechanic, even tho i'm not sure if I'm blind, stupid or keys were sneaky as hell because it took so long time lmao. I wait chapter 2!

A nice and short indie horror haunted house experience, nothing really special but a good 15 minutes of indie horror fun. And huge bonus points for running on Unreal. It's looking mighty fine.

My Playthrough: 

Huge fan of the aesthetic you're working with!

For some reason, though, any light source that was off-screen or partially off screen wouldn't reflect anymore, making everything go dark (it's really obvious at the end of the video where the triangle slowly vanishes from the top down). Also, I couldn't figure out how to interact with the quality indicator at the beginning. It didn't react to the mouse or arrows, but whatever setting it defaults to looks pretty great, anyway.

Amazing game! Has so much potential!! But I found a glitch that could be patched up.

Hey I went through a black door and it just glitched or something cuz I was stuck in darkness, so I thought it twas over : ( oof

Amazing Game, Great Job!

Wasn't the best thing in the world but, for what it was, I really enjoyed it! At the end of my video I go over some things I think would make the experience better, although they are only my opinions.

Really fun and scary game! Very dark at times..a little too dark. But other then that a solid creepy game! Looking forward to further chapters! 

I had a lot of fun playing this game the sound effects and the visual effects give it a very creepy vibe which did make me jump. If you would like to see my play through here its is: 

Enjoy 😉👍

Great overall atmosphere and I love the visuals on this game. Even though I got lost a bit. :)

Game looks really good!  Can't wait to play the next chapter when it's released! 

 Nice game and first game I did a face cam on thanks mate for this amazing game waiting for chapter 2

Great game! Can't wait for chapter 2!

I liked this game even though I got stuck in a dark room lol

This is an interesting game and fairly polished for what it is. I do wish it had audio options put into it with some of the music being very loud though.

here's my channel for other games I have played.


Played this for a random indie horror video, gotta say. It's pretty decent for what it is, though it VERY short. I give a full in -depth review at the end of my video if you're looking for good honest feedback. 

Thanks you for your feedback, this is really cool.
But don't worry we gonna add a LOT of more content for the Chapter One and Two.
We hope you enjoyed the sequel of our game.


Yes, I did enjoy what I played. I'm definitely looking forward to added content for the game!

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

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