A downloadable PARANOID for Windows

Welcome to "PARANOID", a horrific thriller video game made by Ngames Studios Entertainment, a french team of indie creators on internet.

Enter in a psychological nightmare from the past. Run and Hide from your fears. The only way to know the mistakes are behind you.

You are Michael, you go home thinking that you will be safe in your little house. But sometimes, the mistakes of the past come back to have your attention. Do not trust them. Escape as far as you can.

And hide to escape this terrible nightmare. And you think you are alone. You are not alone. He's coming, and it's for you.

SUPPORT CHAPTER TWO AND THE TEAM :  https://www.patreon.com/NgamesStudios

Director / Main Dev creator : Nadal 
Animations : Marty 
Sound Design : Apollo Legacy  / Nadal
3D Models : Fazergamer / Prototyp2 
Translation : Jeremy Wayne



paranoid-v.0.1.4.zip 766 MB

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